FREE first day of school lesson plansI love the first day of school.  The fuzzy butterflies in my tummy, the brand new supplies, and the sweet freshly scrubbed faces…even that early wakeup call doesn’t seem so bad on the first day.  Maybe on the second day, but not on the first!


I remember being VERY overwhelmed my first year of teaching- trying to figure out what was MOST important to teach, making my kids feel comfortable and safe, and just pretty much surviving. Over the years I refined the lessons until I feel I found the perfect balance of routine, security, and fun.

Here is a sneak peek at my lesson plans for the first day of school. A free, printable version of these plans are included at the bottom of this post! It is funny how I tend to keep things very similar from year to year!

Here are my lessons:

Announcements on the television
Take attendance on paper.
Send up lunch count.
Morning Work- students will complete the class names word search made on Puzzlemaker and
then read a book when finished.  Make sure to put out a sharpened pencil on each desk and basket of books on each table group.

When students arrive, they will put all supplies in their brown paper grocery bags under their desks. I actually do NOT organize supplies on the first day usually (crazy, I know!).  I find that it  takes FOREVER and I would rather use that time establishing procedures. Students keep supplies in bags like these I get free at Publixs ( I just make sure to tell them I am a teacher).
Put large supplies such as hand sanitizer, soap, disinfectant wipes, baggies, copier paper in marked boxes in the room.


Create a looks like/ sounds like chart for the hallway and bathroom.  Use these to create and go over hallway procedures, bathroom procedures with the kids.
Here is my chart from last year.
Practice getting in number order by calling students to line up.  Time and see how quick and quiet we can do it.
MUST KNOW procedures taught at this time:
  • Hallway
  •  Bathroom
  • Water
  • Number order
  • Quiet mouse game (a game for the hallway)
  • Turn off light when exiting room
Review bathroom and hall procedures just created. Take a bathroom break. Use time to practice hall, bathroom and Quiet Mouse procedures.


Pull kids to carpet.  Introduce myself and Tina (my co-teacher).  Discuss mini lesson procedures for good listening, when I am reading a book, when to ask questions at a mini lesson and “knees please.”

Read aloud My Teacher’s Secret Life.  Share my Me Bag and Tina’s Me Bag. Me bags are a great, simple homework activity that I send home the second day of school.  Staple the letter to a paper lunch bag and have students fill with items about themselves   We share our Me Bags when we need a break that first week!
I love this book! It is too cute!
Procedures taught at this time:
  • Knees please
  • Good listener



Create a looks like/ sounds like chart for recess and lunchtime.  Review cafeteria expectations and recess expectations. Make sure recess includes not sitting on tether balls, not running on red, coming when I whistle.  One whistle blow means “stop/ danger.”  Three  whistle blows means “line up.”



Use time to practice hall, bathroom and Quiet Mouse procedures.

Go to Cafeteria and practice lunch room procedures and where we sit- we are table 6B.
Go to recess.
Go the carpet and read aloud the book If Everybody Did.  This is another book I love for the first day of school!
Write our Class Promise.   Review pencil sharpening / crayon/ marker/ colored pencil procedures/where to turn in work.   Pass out each child’s cut out and ask them to decorate it as themselves.  While students are working, call individuals over to sign the class promise.
Try to include these ideas:
·No put downs
·Personal best
·Active learner

Early finishers will write one sentence with the prompt “This year I will…” about how they will behave.

Go over Behavior Chart and pulling sticks (my classroom management system).



Review cafeteria and bathroom procedures.  Go to lunch and take a bathroom break.





11:55-12: 30

Finish person cut out and turn in.  Review turn in procedures.






Specials (PE)


1:20- 1:50

Review Procedures for:

  • entering room in the morning/ turn in HW and meet me at table
  • where to put you lunch box
  • what to do (sharpen pencils, put book bag)
  • show agendas and sticker with HW
  • How to hang up book bag
Practice writing in agenda and introduce the homework notebook.  Eat snack. Review procedures for:
  • Pencil sharpening
  • Bathroom- how to ask and go
  • Getting water
  • Asking questions
  • Knees please
  • Give me 5
***If time go over ticket system and decorate ticket folders.



Pack up to go home!!! Read aloud our first chapter book of the year, Flat Stanley.


I always love reading this book as my first read aloud since it is a simple chapter book for second graders and is a great lead in to my first Social Studies unit, map skills.For a printable version of my lessons click on the picture below!

Make sure to check back tomorrow for information about the classroom!  Also , check out all the also links about other first day plans!!