Making the Transition into Digital Learning

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My school district is currently “closed until further notice.”  I know so many others are in a similar boat.  It has been a very, very abrupt learning curve!  We were given some guidance.  Mostly, we [...]

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First Day of School Must Dos!

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Our first day of the 2019-2020 school year has already come and gone- Can you believe it!?!? Let's talk about how you can make the first day of school the best first day EVER!  Here [...]

Nonfiction Reading (FREEBIE!)

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I love teaching about informational text.  I think that it can easily be neglected since literary text can be more fun to teach.  It is also easier since most kids are already familiar with literary [...]

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Johnny Appleseed FUN!

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It may 85 degrees here in the south, but I am totally dreaming of scarves, apples, and pumpkin EVERYTHING!  Am I the only one?  And with September, we have APPLES! Looking to keep things [...]

Creating a Classroom Community

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We all know that the first week is the beginning of building a community.  This may be a familiar phrase, but what does this actually mean? Create a classroom promise. I got this idea [...]