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How to be a Good Friend FREEBIE

By | July 17th, 2018|Categories: Lesson Planning, Organization, Organization Related Posts, Reading, Reading Related Posts|Tags: , |

Taking a roomful of strangers and turning them into a family in a few months is a teacher’s specialty.  There is no other profession that has to repeatedly build community and start from scratch [...]

What are Reading Partnerships?

By | April 12th, 2018|Categories: Reading, Reading Related Posts|Tags: , , |

Reading partnerships are not a new concepts.  Teachers in the upper grades have been using them for many years within the reading workshop.  Partnerships are a great, authentic ways to engage kids in reading [...]

What Does EXPLICIT Fluency Instruction Look Like?

By | March 19th, 2018|Categories: Reading, Reading Related Posts|Tags: , |

In the past I have written several blog post about teaching fluency. In this blog post, I broke down and explained that fluency is how quickly, smoothly, and expressively (this may be referred to [...]

Fun with Plastic Eggs (FREEBIES!)

By | March 11th, 2018|Categories: Blog and website, Math, Reading|Tags: , , |

Plastic eggs are everywhere right now. They are fun, bright, and colorful and a super easy way to make learning fun. Looking for some ways to incorporate them in your classroom? Check out these [...]

Mastering Guided Reading

By | February 23rd, 2018|Categories: Reading, Reading Related Posts, Teachers Pay Teachers|Tags: , , |

What is Mastering Guided Reading? Mastering Guided Reading is a guided reading curriculum that I am in the process of writing for second grade.  It is a labor of love. I wrote the program [...]

Making the Mini Lesson Meaningful

By | January 25th, 2018|Categories: Lesson Planning, Reading, Writing|Tags: , , |

In my last post I discussed the "Empty Question Trap.”  These are basically questions that don’t have a strong purpose toward meeting the objective. Why are they a big deal? Well, in a mini [...]

EASY Math Centers: Making Math Routine

By | January 25th, 2018|Categories: Math, Math Related Posts, Organization|Tags: , , |

I have written many, many times about my love for guided math.  Small group math was one of my most favorite times of the day.  Breaking the kids into smaller groups allowed me to [...]

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