Fun with Plastic Easter Eggs

Plastic eggs are everywhere right now. They are fun, bright, and colorful and a super easy way to make learning fun.

Looking for some ways to incorporate them in your classroom? Check out these ideas!

Plastic Egg Activities and Ideas

  • Math Facts- Students can practice any math facts using plastic eggs. Simply write the math fact on one side of the egg and the answer on the other side. Students match the sides and BOOM! Easy practice!
  • A Worksheet- Any worksheet is MUCH more engaging when the questions are hidden in the eggs! Simply cut apart the worksheet below. Put each question inside an egg. Students will open the egg and answer the question on a worksheet. Grab a math word problem worksheet FREEBIE to use with this activity below!
  • Order It- Write a different number on 12 eggs. Give students an egg carton. Students can then order the numbers from greatest to least (or least to greatest) in the carton. It may help to label the first “egg cup” in the carton greatest and the last least so students have an easier time ordering the eggs.
  • Compare It- Give students beans, a balance scale, and two plastic eggs. Students count two different collections (or an amount written on a card) of beans and close them inside the egg. Then, students can weigh the eggs on the scale to compare with <,>, or =. Another activity would be a spin on the card game, War.  Put a different number card in each egg. Students would pair up and each open an egg. The student with the greatest number in the egg, keeps BOTH eggs. The student with the most eggs at the end (or in his basket!) wins.
  • Correct the Sentences- Write sentences incorrectly on strips. Then put one sentence in each egg. Students can open an egg, and rewrite the sentences correctly.  Here is a freebie for this activity!
  • Sight Word Practice- Put one sight word in each egg. Students pair up with a partner. Students open one egg and read the word. If the student is correct, the student may keep the egg. If the student reads the card incorrectly, the partner gets the egg. The partner with the most eggs at the end wins. I created a similar game as a freebie. Just click on the picture to grab it!

Fun with plastic eggs FREEBIES!

Fun with plastic eggs FREEBIES!

Do you use plastic eggs in your classroom Do you have any suggestions? I would love to hear your ideas! Don’t forget to grab your FREEBIES from this post by clicking on any of the FREEBIE pictures!

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