I am sure you have already heard the awesome news!  TpT is throwing a SALE on Wednesday!  Yahoo! My store will be 20% off Feb 25th AND 26th!!!!!!

(Thank you, Krista, for the graphic!)
I don’t know about you, but I am totally stoked!  I have my eye on a few things.  Here are a couple of tips to make the sale as smooth as possible.  
The first tip?  Start a few days in advance…like now, would be good ;)! Sometimes the site gets bogged down with all the activity, and it helps to reduce any traffic that is doing anything besides buying.
Make sure to get your credits for all your previous purchases!  It may be tedious, but it can help add more money in your pocket! TpT has made it even easier.  If you look on your “My Purchases” page, you can now sort your purchases by those that need feedback (the red arrow).   No more scrolling to make sure you got them all!  Yahoo!

I don’t know about you, but my wishlist looks like..well, my closet.  And that is not a compliment! Many of the items no longer apply.  For example, I am no longer in the classroom so I really don’t need any phonics activities (but it looks so cute!!!!!!!).  And I put the Christmas activity on my wish list so I would remember it.  It isn’t really timely now. Go ahead and remove any outdated items (red arrow).
When you have picked out your purchases, go ahead and move them to your cart.  This way your cart is ready to go and you can purchase with just a few click.  MUCH easier if the site slows down!
Did these hints help? Any tips I should add or edit? 
 I have added one new item I love!
There are 6 leveled passages.  Each passage has 3 levels.  Students answer text based questions and prove their answers by color coding the text.  There are two leveled response activities for each passage as well as suggested teaching points.  Check it out here!

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