I know…I know…most of us *JUST* got on break so the LAST thing we want to consider is next school year!  

Earlier in the year I was brainstorming was to make back to school less stressful and more convenient for teachers.  I decided to create some themed versions of my back to school forms…and the project just snowballed!

I began adding editable newsletters, an editable Open House Presentation and Classroom decor with MANY pieces that can be edited!  It was so much fun to work on!

This pack is Bug themed and is only $10!  I am considering making these as “custom” packs with the buyer choosing the digital papers and clip art and then I can make the items include below include the buyers choice in theme and clip art.  Does that make sense?  Would you want the pack below customized to your own theme?

  7 bug themed
forms for parents to complete for the back to school season. Please note these
forms are NOT editable. The forms include:
•Parent sign in sheet
that includes email (color and plain version for better printing included)
•How Do I Go Home form
for parents to write down his or her 
student’s way home. (color and plain version for better printing included) .  A premade version includes bus, care, daycare
and ASP.  An editable version is included
in the zipped file as well if your students go home different ways.
•Request of parent volunteers  (color and plain version for better printing
•Two different phone
documentation forms for the teacher to document communication. The parents fill
in the part of the information to save the teacher time and the rest of the
form allows for teacher to record parent contact.  One form is a full sheet perfect for the
teacher to store in a binder.  The other
form is one form that has two sheets that need to be copied on cardstock back
to back. Cut  the forms in half and hole
punch the corner to store on a binder ring.
•Class directory
request form
•Child information
form for parents to complete (please note this is a two sided sheet and should
be copied back to back)
All these forms save me a great deal of
time- especially the “How Do I Go Home” form because it gives a class
transportation list at a glance and the phone documentation form which  is VERY helpful for RTI and data collection!  
House or Back to School Presentation :
This is two editable power point files to show at Open House or any Back
to School event. The files include:
•An editable  bug themed power point presentation for Open
House.  Blank slides as well as prefilled
in slides are provided
•A sample, filled in
Open House presentation
•Editable Bug
themed  2 page newsletter in color and
black and white
•A sample, filled in
•An editable Red Hot
Information handout for important information (I fill this in to include vital
information  and give it to parents at
the Sneak A Peak before school starts)
•A sample, filled in
Red Hot Information handout for important information
Classroom Décor: Different files to decorate
your classroom with the bug theme. 
Please note that some of these files are NOT editable.
Bulletin Board display “Buggy About Great Work!”
word cards (not editable)
Bulletin Board display student name circles
(editable).  These editable circles can
have student’s names added.  Hot glue the
circles onto the tops of clothespins and then hot glue  the clothespins to 12 inch by 18 inch
construction paper for an easy to change hall way work display.
Here is a similarly set up bulletin board:
Book box labels (NOT editable)
Rules of Our Hive 8 ½ by 11 inch poster
(editable)-  Record the classroom rules
on this coordinating poster. Includes example of how to fill it in.
The Buzz About Going Home 8 ½ by 11 inch poster
(editable)-  Record the classroom rules
on this coordinating poster. Includes example of how to fill it in.
Word Wall letter cards- coordinating alphabet
cards to use as a word wall headers (not editable) with coordinating word wall
cards that are editable.
Alphabet cards for an alphabet line (not
Number cards one- ten with the number, spelling
and ten frame (not editable)
Months of the year cards for the calendar (not
Days of the week cards for the calendar in two
sizes (not editable)
Number cards for the calendar including cards
for half day, teacher workday, holiday, especial event, happy birthday, field
trip, assembly, no school, 100th Day of School, and last day of
school.  Editable cards are included as a
separate file.
pages of schedule cards for display that can be edited to add your special
events (editable).
Name plates with four different designs (not
Job Chart cards with 16 different cards and
header and editable matching cards

I will be giving away one copy of this product to a random winner that correctly guesses in the comments the day baby Maddie is ACTUALLY born. Here is a hint: my official due date is 6/21! As soon as we are home from the hospital I will announce the winner! To increase your odds, make sure to also try your hand on my Facebook page!

Mandy Gregory is a 2007 and 2012 Teacher of the Year. She has taught 4th, 3rd, and 2nd grade in both the general education and inclusion setting. She is the owner and creator of the Teaching Tips website (www.mandygregory.com) and has over 10 years of experience. She is married with two beautiful children.

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