Does anyone else love a good deal?  Is the dollar section your Kryptonite?  I just.can’t.handle.the.temptation.

I went yesterday to Target to pick up a few things ad thought I would just “check out” the dollar section.  Bad idea.  It is more like the $13 dollar section! LOL!

Look at what I found!!!!!!!!!!!!

They had these awesome foam pirate hat and eye patches for only $1!!!
They also had these adorable foam swords for only $1!!!
How perfect would these be to use as props for the Readers Theater, “How I Became A Pirate??”
You could even by the packages and split up the hats and eye patches to stretch a dollar! For $10 you could outfit your whole class!!!
It goes perfectly with my End of Year Pirate Unit!
Do you have the same dollar section sickness? Do you think we can get a sick day out of that 😉 ?????

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  1. Suzy Q May 26, 2014 at 10:49 pm

    You did well to get out of Target with only $13 damage! I, on the other hand, can 'run in' for two things and come out with an ice cream maker! (And have forgotten the two things I needed, so another Target run is required the next day. Rinse. Spin. Repeat.)

  2. dnystrom May 27, 2014 at 2:51 am

    THe dollar section at Target and the Dollar Tree are two places my husband will not let me be alone! 😀

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