I love living in the warm and sunny south.  Wait up, what did you say? Check the weather? I think that temperature is missing some numbers…

Five.  That little five needs a friend.  Like, say a seven in front of it. It looks a bit lonely all up there by itself.
I was going through some of my files and found a few geometry ideas so I thought I might do a round up post. 
First thing we do is make a web of everything we know about geometry.  Some years I am surprised at how much they remember.  As we learn new concepts in the unit, we add them to the web. We also add questions and see if we can answer them.  Nothing fancy, just a dumping ground for out thoughts.
The we use geoboards while reading The Greedy Triangle to learn about 2D shapes. You can see more pictures and printables for this lesson here.  The kids love it and I usually stretch it over a few days.
Some kids still struggle with the shapes and attributes so we make these flip books.
Here is the outside.
I made them with regular copy paper but cut it vertically to make them nice and long.  Just something a bit different for the kids to remember- and I was able to get two books for the same amount of paper as one!

Here is the inside.
This would work for 3D shapes as well.
Other kids made shape books with some hands on activities.

Some kids needed a bit more work so we used tooth picks to build the polygons on the table.  I would give them a specific number and see what they could build and then we would name it.  Sometimes I would name it and see if they knew how many tooth picks to use to build it.  Then they glued the tooth picks down and wrote the number of sides, angles, and vertices alllll around it to help them remember. Then we stapled them into a small book.
We played Geometry Bingo.
It is available for $3.50 in my store here.
I also have this geometry pack that has TONS of activities.

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Mandy Gregory is a 2007 and 2012 Teacher of the Year. She has taught 4th, 3rd, and 2nd grade in both the general education and inclusion setting. She is the owner and creator of the Teaching Tips website (www.mandygregory.com) and has over 10 years of experience. She is married with two beautiful children.

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