It is hard to believe it is time to go back to my  classroom!  The summer has flown by!  I have enjoyed every minute of my time with my little girl, but I am ready to get back to teaching!  The end of every school year I am so ready to be done, but come August I am chomping at the bit to get started!  I think I am sick!

Preplanning starts in two weeks.  I am hoping to have my classroom mostly ready because EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR. something happens and I have very little planning time to truly prepare.

Below are some pictures of my classroom  when I started the day.  Or well, sort of started.  I forgot to take pictures because I started talking to someone.  However, I had only moved a few things before these pictures were taken. 

I got tons of things done today so I can’t wait to post an updated picture!

Mandy Gregory is a 2007 and 2012 Teacher of the Year. She has taught 4th, 3rd, and 2nd grade in both the general education and inclusion setting. She is the owner and creator of the Teaching Tips website ( and has over 10 years of experience. She is married with two beautiful children.

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