A little bird might have told you that TpT is having a sale soon…or even a flock of birds…or maybe they even mowed you down in their excitement! LOL

Yes. There is a sale.  Surprise! LOL!

So how can you make the MOST of a TpT sale at the end of the year when you are just barely holding on?

Make Use of Those Credits!
I am a credit hoarder.  I rarely ever use my credits.  I pretty much save them for sales. That way I can get the most bang for my buck.

I sort my purchases by “Needs Feedback.” Then, I right click and open up a bazillion tabs of products that need feedback and delete as I leave feedback.  It just helps me keep organized.  I might also not leave feedback until the very end.  Whoops. I will not be showing you HOW MANY things I need to be leaving feedback on because it is downright embarrassing.
What Do You Need Now?
When filling up that cart, think of products you need to use before the end of year. Memory books? Awards? Summer Enrichment? Go ahead and pick these up NOW and save.  No need paying 20% more for it in a week if you can save now by planning ahead!
Planning Ahead
Generally, TpT does a Back to School sale. However, not even premium sellers are aware of the dates of the sale until just a few days before.
In my area, teachers will go back to school the last week of July.  Which is insane.  Let’s all give them  a moment of silence and say a prayer for them.
The one thing I can guarantee??? TpT will not be having a sale that early.  Historically, it has been sometime in August.
That means you will need to PLAN AHEAD. How can you plan ahead?
Think About Any Standards Additions or Changes
In  Georgia at least, many of the Social Studies and Science standards are changing.  Many districts may be implementing the NGSS.  Try to take the time and make a list of any changes or additions.  Are there any topics that you need supplemental materials for?
What Did You Kids Need MORE Help With?
Hopefully, your memory will be fresh. Are their any concepts or skills that your students really struggled with this year?  Are there any materials that could make this concept of skill more engaging or help your students understand it better?  This is a great time to think about what your students struggled with and how you can address if for next year.
What Topics or Skills Need a Little More VA-VA VOOM?
Are there any topics that made you (and your students) want to stab your eyes out in boredom (Roots of Our Democracy, I am looking at you!)? Look for supplemental materials that will excite you AND your students in those skills and topics that can be a bit, uh, dull. I might be giving dictionary skills a side eye here.
What Will Take LOTS of Prep Time?
Let’s face it.  Some products take lots of prep.  It is the nature of the beast.  If you are considering revamping your math or reading block and want to add in centers, look for those now.  While I certainly do not want ANY teacher to spend their entire summer laminating and cutting, you might use a bit of that time to get ahead.  Or pay your kids.  Or the neighbor’s kids. 😉
My Differentiated ELA and Differentiated Math Centers are a perfect example of a product that can be purchased now and prepped when you have an extra time. Make sure to purchase the bundles to save money.
However, just a note about bundles.  Many sellers DO NOT include bundles in the sale.  This is because buyers are already purchasing the bundle at a discount.  I try to always include everything in my store in any sale, because I was a super cheap teacher. 😉
What Will You Need for the New School Year?
Since the BTS sale might be after school begins, think about what you will need in those early days of school.  Consider, what forms will your parents be filling out at Open House?
What unit will you be teaching first?

The Teacher Appreciation Sale is May 9th and 10th!  Don’t forget that pesky code! Gets me everytime LOL!