Today I went into my classroom and starting setting up for the camp I am teaching next week and also keeping in mind set up for next school year.  I am trying my best to kill two birds with one stone.  It is a BIG, fat stone and may kill me first!!  I am so proud of myself.  We (my co-teacher and I) really planned ahead when packing up at the end of the year.  It paid off because I got a TON of stuff done today!  I think it could possibly be the quickest I have ever set up a room. HOWEVER, I am still not done.  I have to go back in tomorrow and work on bulletin boards and making things “pretty.”

So..remember, my room looked something like this to start with

 and then this…

and now it looks like this…

I tried to go around the room clockwise.  This is a view from the front door.  All the boxes on the table are camp materials that may need to be sent back.  I didn’t want to unpack them if they needed to be returned!

This is the writing center that is right by the door. We often sit in the black chair during mini lessons and the kids sit here often during independent reading time.

Sorry about the dark picture.  I have no idea why it is so dark!  This little alcove was a perfect fit for this shelf.  All of the student’s book boxes with their independent reading choices.  Book character stuffed animals are on top!

This is the second meeting area in the back of the room. It has my easel. math shelf, and that small shelf is empty.  I *think* kids will put their lunch boxes on it and keep the estimation jar there as well.  The door on the left leads to a small bathroom for students and the door on the right leads to a store room.  I would love to take pictures of it, but I am afraid things may fall on me.  I will clean it up when my room is done! 🙂

Here is the classroom library.  Blue and yellow bean bag chairs are on the left.  I don’t have all my books out- the shelves are too small.  I have them in storage and intend to rotate books in and out to keep things “fresh.”

 Here is the beginning of my area.  This shelf has buckets with all my guided reading books sorted by level.  The post it notes have the level labeled on it so I can make pretty stickers : ).

Here is all my stuff behind my guided reading table.  I didn’t take a a picture of my guided reading table.  It is still piled with boxes of stuff.  Sigh.

This is my desk set up.  It is very similar to last school year (many things are actually).  The student computers are to the right.  You can see my smartie pants on my desk waiting for a 3m hook!
We are trying tables this year.  We have 6 tables and I think we will sit 4, 5 at the most per table.  I bought these drawers at Wal-Mart today. We will put one set at the front of each table.   I *think* we will keep white boards in one drawer and folders/ notebooks in the others.  Of course I HAD to take a picture of the table that had not been wiped down yet!  I need to buy three more of these tomorrow… I really want to buy different color buckets from Really Good Stuff like this picture below to keep materials in.
 Here is a view from the back of the room look toward the front door on the right.
This is the view from the back of the room looking to the left.  I am totally putting up bulletin boards tomorrow- even it is just fabric and border!  That cork is killing me!
I will be going back in tomorrow and will have more pictures to share of my progress!
I was nominated for the Really Good Stuff (I know I referenced them above but it was truly coincidence, I promise!) blog award.  I am so honored!  The voting has opened now.  There are tons of fantastic blogs nominated.  Please make sure to check it out by clicking here.

Mandy Gregory is a 2007 and 2012 Teacher of the Year. She has taught 4th, 3rd, and 2nd grade in both the general education and inclusion setting. She is the owner and creator of the Teaching Tips website ( and has over 10 years of experience. She is married with two beautiful children.

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