I am thrilled to be taking part in the TpT Seller’s Challenge hosted by these awesome ladies!

What a creative way to  get myself focused and organized?!?!?!
One of the first things they asked us to post was our stats.  I decided a long time ago that I would only focus on a few social media outlets.  Twitter and Instagram are great, but it is just too much for me to handle (when you toss in things like family and kids! LOL).
So, my Instagram and Twitter look super sad! I am okay with that.  I am just trying to build up the rest!  I have been blogging and TpT-ing for about 4 years now (I think), so it a slow and steady process.
When I saw the first challenge was a make over, I was thrilled.  I have SO MANY old products that make me cringe.  From cover design to font choices, some of my products needed some serious love!
I knew I had to work on my tic-tac-toe series.  They look so sad!
See, isn’t it sad?  This was one of the first games I ever posted (and it shows). I even made the game in Word, rather than Power Point (on the horror!). The game uses word problem cards.  Students create a tic-tac-toe board using the cards and then solve the word problems to play.  It is a great idea, but  there were only 9 cards.  So, once the kids played the game…they answered all the questions and were done.  Boo for a game that can only be played once!
I updated the cover, cards, and fonts to match and be more stylish.  
I also added 9 more word problem cards to give students a chance to play the game more than once.  The game now has 18 word problems! Finally, I also included a recording sheet if students need to provide evidence during math centers. I even made the cards easier for the teacher to make!
I am SO glad I got this done!  I am now actually working on updating ALL the tic-tac-toe games in this series!  Area is almost ready to post!
Thank you so much, ladies for creating the TpT Sellers Challenge!  I am loving this!
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