It is about that time of year to get started discussing all the famous historical figures in third grade!  Hopefully, you are past the Roots of Democracy unit.  Am I  the only one that hated that unit?  So much and SO difficult to relate back to the kids.  My kids always got the columns…and that was about it! LOL!

I thought I would share a few great resources I found for this unit.  Just click on the pictures!

These are great books when you are discussing the life of Paul Revere (affiliate links):

This coloring page might be a great brain break or cover pages for the unit:
This is a great map to explain what the 13 colonies looked like- a mind boggling concept to children that have only lived when there are 50 states…and have been for some time!
The Paul Revere House website is always full of great information and pictures. It is hard to fathom that a wood house is still standing?!?!
I don’t know if you are familiar with the Liberty Kids but I LOVE this past children’s show!!! Such an amazing way to teach about the Revolutionary War!!  There are clips available on YouTube, but they do have advertisements and are split into two you tube videos due to the length of time.  BUT the content is AMAZING and so high interest.
This is the first clip of two clips for the Midnight Ride and there is also a two part/clip video for the Boston Tea Party available n the same YouTube channel.
I have no idea how long this will last but the ENTIRE series of Liberty Kids (40 episodes) is only $5 on Amazon right now.

Honestly, the $5 is well worth the Midnight Ride and Boston Tea Party episodes alone.
I also have two units available on Paul Revere on TpT.

I made an exclusive freebie from the above unit.  It is one activity from the Life of Paul Revere Book.  It includes a passage about Paul Revere’s childhood.  Students answer questions about his childhood using the passage. Also included is a question/ answer page for students to use similar to a KWL chart to practice asking and answer questions AND activating and prior knowledge.

Here are few pictures of students completing the circle map form the unit on Paul Revere.

Did I forget any resources?
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