I have just finished up my spelling centers for this week.  We have been studying plural nouns the past few days and our next spelling unit (Unit 23 or Words Their Way , if anyone is curious.  And no, I haven’t done all sorts1-22.  I am skipping around when needed : ) ) covers plural endings with a focus on the final -y.

The first game is a simple activity that would best work with white boards.  Students draw cards and a partner tells them the word to write and then the partner checks their work. Simple but engaging due to those white boards!

       The second game is a Kaboom! game that has students spell the word correctly noting if it ends in –s or changing the y to an i and adding –es.

     The third game is a concentration game matching the noun to the plural noun.  There is a recording sheet to practice spelling and writing the plurals.

     The fourth game is a Forest Friends Plurals board game.  Students draw a card and then write the word as a plural.  If the student writes the word correctly he or she may roll a die and move forward this many spaces on the board.

    These games are perfect as partner activities!

I was tired when I typed these so there could be some typos or mistakes.  If you find any let me know and I will correct them!!

I hope they are helpful!

I am hoping to write a blog post this week that has tons of classroom pictures and is a tour of my classroom.  It is on my to do list!