I just wanted to remind everyone of the extra treat available!

Don’t forget- I am offering a special- spend $10 (after the sale discounts) and get a freebie!  This will only be for August 12-13th (during the sale!).

  1. Spend at least $10 in my TpT store 
  2. Email me your TpT user name and the amount of your purchase at mandyholland@hotmail.com
  3. Please put “FREEBIE” in  in the subject line- my Hotmail account moved the first request to my junk folder!! Ackk!!  This way I can easily scan my junk folder to make sure I get everyone!  🙂

*I must receive all emails by Tuesday, August 14th in order to get your freebie!

Tada! That is it!

I will email you my latest, unreleased center with  partner and independent practice, Author’s Purpose Picnic!  The graphics are so cute!  Here is a preview!

I will eventually put this bad boy in my store for sale, but I am not sure when!
As far as the Third Grade Common Core “I Can” statements.  I am not sure if I can finish them and get them listed during the sale.  First, TpT usually runs REALLY slow during sales because of all the traffic and uploading a new product can be a bear.  That and I am slow as molasses!  I am going to try to finish them tonight if it kills me!  However, I will make sure to list them 28% off for the first two days, promise.

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