Nonfiction Reading (FREEBIE!)

2020-03-03T12:42:11-04:00Categories: Blog and website, Reading, Reading Related Posts|Tags: , , , , , |

I love teaching about informational text.  I think that it can easily be neglected since literary text can be more fun to teach.  It is also easier since most kids are already familiar with literary [...]

The Empty Question Trap

2018-01-25T20:42:32-04:00Categories: Lesson Planning, Organization, Reading, Reading Related Posts|Tags: , , , |

I was talking to a teaching friend of mine.  She was so frustrated with lesson planning and getting it all “in” with the short amount of time she has with students. I thought it [...]

Engaging Literacy Activities to End the Year!

2020-03-03T12:54:12-04:00Categories: Blog and website, Reading, Reading Related Posts|Tags: , , , |

I know that this is a wild and woolly time of year. The kids are ready to check out and check-in to summer!  And am I!!! Unfortunately, we still have some learning and assessing [...]

4 Easy Ways to Help with Reading Comprehension

2020-03-10T17:36:46-04:00Categories: Blog and website, Reading, Reading Comprehension, Reading Related Posts|Tags: , , , , |

I wrote a post at the end of November about how to support struggling readers.  You can check out that blog post here. I will be continuing this series to focus on several strategies to [...]

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