Teaching Students to Determine Information from the Picture or Text

2022-04-04T21:34:44-04:00Categories: Reading, Reading Comprehension, Teachers Pay Teachers|Tags: , , , |

I feel like the past few years of teaching in a pandemic have really impacted how I teach in general.  Teaching digitally reallllly forced me outside my comfort zone.  While I am fine on my [...]

BEST Books for First and Second Grade!

2021-04-11T12:21:52-04:00Categories: Reading, Reading Comprehension, Reading Related Posts|Tags: , , , , |

My youngest daughter is in second grade.  She really wants to read chapter books, like her older sister in fourth grade.  It has been hard to find her books that are easy enough for her [...]

Let’s Talk about Teaching Story Structure/ Elements!

2023-04-04T01:32:08-04:00Categories: Blog and website, Reading, Reading Comprehension, Reading Related Posts|Tags: , , , |

We just finished up teaching the story elements and it made me realize that even though I absolutely, positively LOVE, LOVE, LOVE children’s literature I struggled to find books to teach this simple concept. I [...]

Nonfiction Reading (FREEBIE!)

2020-03-03T12:42:11-04:00Categories: Blog and website, Reading, Reading Related Posts|Tags: , , , , , |

I love teaching about informational text.  I think that it can easily be neglected since literary text can be more fun to teach.  It is also easier since most kids are already familiar with literary [...]

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