I know it has been a million years (or at least it seems) since I have posted but I have a good reason…I really do.  I just can’t tell you. Yet.  But I will.  Soon. Pinky promise.

I am trying to get back on the posting wagon, but I am not making any promises on that front. BUT I do have good news.

First bit of good news.  Teachers Pay Teachers is having their HUGE Cyber Monday sale this er, well, Monday. It looks great- many sellers including myself will have their stores 20% and then TpT will take 10% off which somehow makes it … 28% off.  I have no idea how that math works but people much smarter than me have explained it many times and I just nod my head and smile and ask them to pass the cookies. Just don’t forget to use the code- CMT12!!

Michelle over at The 3am Teacher is hosting a lovely link up.


I wanted to highlight a couple of my  favorites that WILL be on sale.

1.  My BRAND spankin’ new pack (this is that second thing!!)

I am so proud of this guy.  The description is miles long of details  but let me just say it is packed with 50 pages of nonfiction text features goodies.  I am also giving away 2 free copies on my Facebook page by tonight if you want to clicky right over 🙂
Another favorite is my Christmas Vocabulary unit.  LOVE the crafts.  Since we teach up to the Friday before Christmas (I am already shakin’ in my boots and praying for snow, which never happens in Georgia but still…) it might help keep kids engaged until the end (or close).
Please note that the super cute craft with the grouch green guy?  It had to be removed.  Apparently LOTS went around with copyright infringement and I don’t want the good doctor (I am afraid to even type his name.  Maybe he is HE THAT MUST NOT BE NAMED guy?  Nah.) to take my house.  I am sure you understand.  I did replace it with another, not nearly as cute craft, but cute.  So sorry :(.
Are you ready to start buying?  My wish list is FULL and I am ready to charge (just don’t tell my husband!).