Thank heavens it is the end of the year as we know it.  And I totally feel fine.

This is my last week of school!  Hallelujah!  I posted earlier about not having my students move my classroom.  A teammate did the math:  if my 20 students each take one item from my classroom to the classroom I am moving into (the other teacher is taking my room- a totally even switch.  Kinda, but she has a window and a storage room and a bathroom and I have…nothing.  Maybe not so even.) and do this at 4 different times during the school day that would equal 80 items/ trips.  It would be a good brain break…Hmmm…  What do you do?  Do kids help your teachers move at your school?

One thing my students  WILL do is help clean up and close down the classroom.  I have always had kids do this- it is their classroom too and they have to help take care of it.  Plus, kids LOVE to help. I usually write a long list on the board and let kids pick a friend to do most jobs. So what do my kids do?  Here’s a list of kid friendly tasks that are really helpful.

Does anyone have any jobs to add to the list? Please leave a comment and I will add the job to the list to make it more exhaustive.  I love to keep ’em busy at this time of the year!