I have been working hard on a series called Historical People Pockets since the fall.  It focuses on the nine figures studied in Georgia in third grade.

I created a pack perfect for interactive notebooking, but can also be self-contained in the included “People Pocket.”

Here is an example of all the materials included in the Cesar Chavez pack.

All nine figures are FINALLY finished!
Each pack costs $4.75.  
I also created a review pack PERFECT for CRCT test prep.
Four different activities are included (Who am I? matching game, Scoot game, Quiz, Quiz, Trade cards, and a Power Point with matching book for students to fill out to create a study guide).
I have bundled all the figures AND the review for a steal at only $39!
Because the bundle wasn’t available until now and many buyers have purchased the individual packs as I released them, I am offering the review pack FREE to anyone that has purchased the packs for ALL NINE figures.
Simply email me at [email protected] to receive yours!  Thank you!

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  1. Brittney May 31, 2014 at 6:36 am

    Is there any way you could create one of these for 2nd grade Georgia Historical Figures?

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A few days ago I got this awesome question in my email.

“I just bought your Frederick Douglass pack on TPT. It looks great!! Can you give us any tips on which activity you plan or have done first?? Thanks!!!”

It made me think a.) this is a great question and 2.) I haven’t shared anything about my new line of products!

In Georgia we study several different historical figures in Social Studies in both second and third grades.  It kind makes me scratch my head, because we study these people in isolation and not really in any relevant context.  For example we study Paul Revere in third grade, but not the Revolution War?  What?!

So, I have made a few products to teach these difficult, isolated concepts. I created this line of products for third grade called Historical People Pockets.  So far I have created a pack on Paul Revere, Frederick Douglass, and Susan B. Anthony.

Each of the packets include:
-a mini book with questions
-character traits flip flap book
-step book that is great for formative assessment
-word search
All of the activities fit in a pocket (hence the name) or can be glued in an interactive notebook.
Each pack is $4.75 EXCEPT for Susan B.  Since today is her first day listed, I reduced it 50% off!  For tonight only it will be $2.38!
I will be making one for all the third grade historical figures. Next up is Ms. Mary McLeod Bethune!
So, back to the email question.  I responded:
I  thought the mini book would be a great way to front load info.  
Then I would probably use any text provided by the district (my county provided these awesome small biography books), use PebbleGo (does your school have a subscription? LOVE it), or a video, or something visual (the person that emailed the questions told me there was a great video on the Biography channel for Frederick Douglass).  I would usually use the books as my reading mini lesson and tie it in to main idea, text structures, text features, or main idea.

 Then we would do the map and then the trait flip book.  

 Then I would finish up with the timeline and do the step book as partner work. In the past, at this point in the year, the students in my class would not be ready for the open answer questions.  Yet. 

 Creating the pocket and word search would be time killers that not everyone would get to do (to be honest).  
So, how would you use them?  What order would work best in your classroom?
I have also had several questions about my other packs.
So far I have only written one for Paul Revere in third and Jimmy Carter in second. My goal is to write one for every figure, but these are very labor intensive and take awhile.  These may not happen as quickly as I like! But I promise to try!
Here are a few activities from the Paul Revere pack:
My sweet friend Abby at The Third Grade Bookworm made these paper dolls from the pack but added the teabag and feather.  So cute!!

And another friend took this picture of a student filling out the circle map. Great graphic organizer to replace the boring, old KWL!
AND last but not least, tomorrow is the LAST day to enter My Thankful Tuesday giveaway.  The winner of this give away will win a blog refresh from the amazing 3am Teacher. I will announce the winner TUESDAY!  Click here to enter!

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