I am going to break the blogger’s cardinal rule.   At least I have heard it is a rule. Somewhere, maybe?  Who makes up those rules anyway?

I am a wild girl.  A rule breaker.

I am gonna blow your hair back, ladies and gents. I am going to blog TWICE in one day.

Now, I wanted to highlight some of my February goodies.  Later this evening, we are going to start this little study.

I am super excited!  I hope you guys come back to participate!  It is going to be a series of blog posts! I am hoping the series will be a place to share, collaborate, discuss research, and find a practical application for OUR classrooms.
I put together an (somewhat, to my non- type A eyes) organized set of rough, month long plans for February.  Although I am not in the classroom this year, I looked back at what I was working on in February in the past and made a plan. 
I organized lots of my own freebies, other sellers freebies that suited the units of study, and some of my products to help you.  Click on the pictures.  They will take you to a pdf file.  If you download the pdf file, all the images (and the highlighted text) are hyperlinked to the products and freebies. 
First up, is a look at reading!  In February we studied fairy tales and folk tales.  We  focused on plot, recounting stories, and comparing and contrasting.  We also looked at the character’s responses to events.  The unit covered MANY standards.
Click on the picture to see the links to free online books and several recounting and comparing freebies!
In math we focused on problem solving in both addition and subtraction.  It was also a great way to throw in a little money!
Make sure to click on the picture to get to the pdf file.  Then, click on the pictures for the freebies.  There are FOUR different freebies on this one page alone!  
In writing and grammar we finished up informational writing and started opinion writing.  There is a great smaller pack perfect for research famous African Americans. We also started our opinion unit.  This unit isn’t themed and can be used at any time. We also studied pronouns and reflexive pronouns.
Make sure to click on the picture and then download the pdf to get your freebies- there are THREE freebies on this page!
This last page is mostly for centers and assessments.  I have my easy February Math Printables.  These are great for assessments- just a quick and dirty one! LOL!  The Literacy Activities are great for independent practice and many of the skills are practiced in the context of a passage. My math centers are also included- they are perfect for differentiation.  They also include extra practice worksheets for each skill!
Make sure to click on the picture and then download the pdf to get your freebie- there is a free math center with extra practice pages!
And to sweeten the deal, I am throwing a sale for TODAY only! It is to celebrate the game that shall not be named due to copyright/ trade marking!
{Thanks to Primary Punch for creating this button}
My ENTIRE store is 20%!  All the proceeds from this sale are going in the Disney fund!  Woo hoo!  I SO want to send my girls to see Mickey again.  This was Kinley almost three years ago when she first saw Mickey at one of the character breakfasts.
Eat her up. With a spoon.

 One last little tidbit. Do you follow my store? If you don’t, I highly recommend it!  Each month I try my best to send a little present jammed packed with NEW and exclusive freebies. It only is available to store followers. I am about to send it out.  If you don’t follow, now might be a good time….;)


  1. cwhaccent February 1, 2015 at 6:48 pm

    This is a great page. I can't wait to actually read the entire thing and download the freebies. You are so awesome!

  2. Suzy Q February 3, 2015 at 9:30 pm

    This is fantastic! I always love getting a peek at what other teachers are able to do. Thank you!

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