Johnny Appleseed FUN!

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It may 85 degrees here in the south, but I am totally dreaming of scarves, apples, and pumpkin EVERYTHING!  Am I the only one?  And with September, we have APPLES! Looking to keep things [...]

Creating a Classroom Community

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We all know that the first week is the beginning of building a community.  This may be a familiar phrase, but what does this actually mean? Create a classroom promise. I got this idea [...]

Establishing Routines- Back to School FREEBIE

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That first day is so exciting, but it is SO overwhelming- for both the students and the teacher! LOL! I have shared in a previous post my first day of school lesson plans. You [...]

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How to be a Good Friend FREEBIE

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Taking a roomful of strangers and turning them into a family in a few months is a teacher’s specialty.  There is no other profession that has to repeatedly build community and start from scratch [...]

What are Reading Partnerships?

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Reading partnerships are not a new concepts.  Teachers in the upper grades have been using them for many years within the reading workshop.  Partnerships are a great, authentic ways to engage kids in reading [...]

What Does EXPLICIT Fluency Instruction Look Like?

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In the past I have written several blog post about teaching fluency. In this blog post, I broke down and explained that fluency is how quickly, smoothly, and expressively (this may be referred to [...]

Mastering Guided Reading

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What is Mastering Guided Reading? Mastering Guided Reading is a guided reading curriculum that I am in the process of writing for second grade.  It is a labor of love. I wrote the program [...]

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