Better late than never, right?  Or at least that is what “they” say, whoever this “they” people are! Late is kinda my jam and my MO, so this blog post is right on schedule in my life! LOL!
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I worked with two different teachers to help set up their classrooms.  This is “S’s” classroom.  She is returning to teaching after staying at home for 4 years.  It was so much fun helping her (and just getting to hang out!).  She sent me some pictures RIGHT before parents arrived last week.  Isn’t her room adorable?  She went with an ocean themed and it is TOO cute! If you want to see the very, very beginning of this classroom set up, check out this post and this post!
So without any delay, here is her new classroom with some before and after pictures sprinkled in!!
This was the view standing at the door when we started. Wow, right?

Here is the new view!  The door is slightly to the right, but you can see her adorable hall display in this picture.
This is the little sign next to her door.  I made it with a dollar store pizza pan, ribbon from Wal-Mart, and some magnets I already had.    If you like it, you can get all the printables in my Sea Creatures Decor Kit!
This was her guided reading table when we started.  The room is too small to have both a small group table and desk, so she is using this for her desk.  
Nice and cleaned off.  I like how she has a blank wall behind her.  So much less distracting for kiddos! I always had a ton of stuff behind me…in retrospect, probably not the best idea! LOL!
This was the beginning of her classroom library.  I blogged about how we organized it and got it set up here.

Just like in the other classroom I worked in, we went with simple labels.  She used ocean themed name plates from the teacher resource store for the big book boxes and smaller, ocean themed, name tags for the shoe box size that holds chapter books.
I love how it turned out!  Cute and to the point! I know the kids will love all her pillows!  And the carpet!  She got the carpet for $15 in July at IKEA!! It was such a good deal she got two….

Speaking of two carpets, you can see it peaking out in the corner of these pictures!
Here you can see her sad little meeting area with the torn bulletin board paper and broken easel.  We found the easel in a room full of discarded furniture. Even though the easel was sad, it was free and since I  *ahem* broke her easel, she decided to make it work.  She had one of those little IKEA easels and I moved it and the whole leg broke off.  I didn’t know what to do!  I felt so bad!  She wouldn’t let me get her another one! But what to see how it looks now…
Doesn’t it look crazy good?!?!? She went to Home Depot and had them cut shower board into individual white boards for students. She had them cut one piece into the exact measurements for the easel and then unbolted the chalkboard, and bolted the white board in! Looks brand new, right? I can’t remember the cost, but it was super cheap!
This is a shot of the side of the wall.  The guided reading table is behind you to the right and the door is behind you to the left.
And here it is the whole set up with table groups and materials, a small table for centers, and the bulletin board is up! 
And the tour is all done!
Since she is my friend and all I made her several ocean/ sea creature themed packs.
Editable Behavior Calendars to send home to parents.  There are two styles of calendars- one with a behavior code and one without.  There are explicit directions on how to edit the templates.

Editable Newsletters to send home to parents.  There are five styles of templates.  There are explicit directions on how to edit the templates.

Editable Power Point Presentation for Open House.  It has titles, no titles, clip art, no clip, art and the kitchen sink.  Just kidding about the sink, but not the rest! I included a sample Open House presentation I used in years past as well as explicit directions on how to edit the templates.

Cute, back to school forms for parents.  These are for the most part NOT editable.

In this pack, I have TONS of editable labels, and decor.  You can find the materials to make the cute little “Where Are We Sign” above in this pack. Over 100 pages in this pack, so it is a must see!
This post is part of a series of posts on setting up the classroom.  Check out the rest of the posts!

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